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03 August 2005 @ 09:14 am
The climate is changing...  
Welcome to the penguin migration.

This is a blog where I will chronicle my progress of turning the windows heavy (or more like Microsoft's bitch) enterprise where I work into the light side. Linux.

Here's a little info:
My name is Konstantinos Thoukydides. I work in a large clothes retailer as a Systems/Domain Administrator.
I know a bit of linux but I'm more of a newbie. My home PC is running Gentoo for the last couple of months and I've been dabbling in Linux for the better part of a year.

The company utilizes the windows 2000 OS to the core along with utilizing other microsoft products like Office 2000, Exchange Server 2000, Proxy Server, Primary Domain Controller (Win2k Adv. Server) using Active Directory, File Servers and Roaming Profiles.

With upgrade time near (Win2K is fast becoming obsolete), what I want to accomplish is turn all these features to the Linux equivalents so as to avoid the expensive windows licensing scheme and turn our office network into a shining example of penguin power.

I am not the director of the IS/IT department but I have spoken with him and he has given me the "go" to pursue this research. If I find the correct software to emulate or surpass the way the office system works right now then we will move to the migration.

Currently we have only one linux server which hosts the main oracle database. The distribution is Red Hat Enterprise 3, so that is a good candidate for starters. However I am planning on checking out other alternatives like SUSE/Novell and Linspire.

What I want from you, dear reader, is to either contribute with comments and answer to my questions if possible or to spread the word of this blog's existence to any linux gurus that could help.

Hopefully, if all goes well and this migration is finished, this blog will serve as a knowledge base for anyone trying to do something like this again.

Thank you.